Where to Find the Best Knitted Tops for Holiday Social Events

This is such a fun time of year and looking great in warm and comfortable knitted tops will help you to project a confident and fashion-forward image during all of your winter holiday social events. When you choose the right knitted tops, you’ll flatter your body and natural coloring and you’ll also be choosing looks which are just so appropriate for this time of year. However, all knitted tops are not created equal in terms of quality, price and design.

This is why we’d like to point out some superlative designs which are favored by fashion-conscious ladies all over the world. They come from the fashion retailer known as Odd Molly and they are mid-range knitted tops which are extremely well-made, from high-quality materials…

About Odd Molly

Inspired by a skater chick in SoCal’s freewheeling Venice Beach region, this American clothing company specializes in designs which suit the tastes of eclectic and confident women. skatingThe original “Odd Molly” did her own thing and marched to the beat of her own drummer. Odd Molly’s clothes are perfect for other women who do the same…

Whether you love traditional style or prefer a bit of unabashedly feminine refinement, you’ll find that Odd Molly really delivers. Now, let’s talk about this company’s impressive array of winter jumpers, cardigans and other knitted tops…

Are You a Traditional Girl?

Women of any ages may be traditional girls and these types of classic fashion fans will love Odd Molly’s Sneak Peak jumpers, which feature lovely scooped necks and practical and stylish three-quarter sleeves. This top is cozy and it’s not too fitted – it skims the body for a flattering fit, without clinging, and it comes in an array of flattering shades, including Dark Blue, Light Chalk, Rose Sangria, Pale Rose and Asphalt. Perfect with your favorite faded jeans, the Sneak Peak is an ideal basic for casual holiday get-togethers. Wear it with almost anything – it’s beyond versatile!

Are Feminine Clothes Your Favorites?

If you love to play up your femininity with your wardrobe, you’ll adore Odd Molly’s Top Drawer Cardigan, which features an intricate, super-soft knit that is delicate enough to look like lace, yet substantial enough to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Perfect for a holiday date, this exceptional cardigan has tons of romantic charm, thanks to its ruffled hem and pretty bow closure. Just layer it over a tank in order to get a look that makes you feel beautiful all through the winter holiday season.

odd molly

Choose from Onion, Almost Black, Boulder Grey, Light Chalk and Rose shades…for pure romance, Rose may be the ideal choice! To find more gorgeous sweaters for reasonable prices, visit the official Odd Molly website today. You’ll be so glad that you did!

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