Today’s Trendiest Knitwear

The trendiest piece of knitwear this season is the sweater, or at least that is what the fashion gurus of the world are saying. While yes, a sweater should be one of the many wonderful things that you keep in your closet at all times, simply because they are comfortable. It shouldn’t exactly feel like you should go out and overload on sweaters to obtain the best knitwear wardrobe out there.

Simply put, it is better to have a little of everything rather than an overload of one thing. This means buying not only a sweater or two this season to keep up with some of the most popular fashions, but getting a couple jumpers, cardigans, and knitted tops as well to truly complete your wardrobe and provide yourself with options.

Options at Odd Molly
The company Odd Molly provides their customers with an incredible amount of variety to choose from, including different patterns, styles, and cut choices. If you are looking for a certain style, you will more than likely find it here. And while, yes, some of the clothing does fit into the current trends, that isn’t what Odd Molly is about.

This will ensure that you aren’t trapped shopping through only what is considered the best styles in the world, but provide you the ability to stretch your wings and see what other options may simply linger outside of what the hottest trends have pointed to. Keeping an open mind while shopping for knitwear will give you the variety you want in your closet without fitting into the cookie cutter ideals of those who set the yearly and seasonal trends.


This season seems to be all about bold colors, huge and blocky patterns, and even different patterns in the knitting stitches themselves. While many gurus are aiming for cable knit sweaters and other knitwear, Odd Molly is offering a wide variety of everything, including patterns. You will also notice that many of this season’s fashions are combining knitting with another fabric, or a different knit stitch completely, you can enjoy many of the same style ideas with Odd Molly as well.

When you shop at Odd Molly, you will be able to enjoy the variety of patterns that you can choose from based on color or simply what catches your interest. It is important to choose what you like the best and not what others seem to like and enjoy. Your wardrobe should be your own and should speak volumes about you, not someone else.

So if you happen to like a brighter colored pattern, more block style patterns, or simply solid colored knitwear, then you should be able to enjoy it when you want. Selecting any of the various knitwear options that Odd Molly has to offer will certainly provide you with a great deal of variety in your wardrobe, without having to shop at a hundred different stores. You will also be able to enjoy how each product will possess a high quality in comparison to many others out there.
Combing Through
If you are one to stay on top of the latest and greatest fashions, and are really wanting to step away from what the world wants you to wear, then you should look at what Odd Molly has to offer you. There are so many different styles and patterns that you will enjoy wearing time and time again without wondering if it fits the newest trends. Enjoying the way you dress in your knitwear has nothing to do with what is fashionable, but rather what you like and find to be comfortable.

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