Taking A Closer Look At Knitwear For The Coming Year

Finding the right thing to wear can take forever. Purchasing the right thing for your needs and unique sense of style can be time intensive and even anxiety provoking. With so many options available, taking a look at some of the most popular pieces of knitted tops, jumpers, and cardigans for the coming year may be an excellent place to begin looking. If nothing else, you will get a better sense for where fashion is going and whether or not it appeals to you. With that in mind, let’s begin!

1. Cardigans

cardiganIf you are interested in cardigans for the following year, then remember that length is in, vibrant colors for more traditional cuts, and of course, complexity in design! Sold by many top manufacturers of knitwear, knee length cardigans are gaining in popularity. With incredible patterning, pockets, and long-sleeves, these cardigans are sure to impress. Helping to continue the success of the traditional cut cardigans is a range of colorful choices including some in pastels. Generally speaking, it seems that the shorter the cardigan is cut, the more vibrant it becomes. Finally, if you like bangles then 2015/2016 are the years for you.

2. Jumpers

There are two ever-popular trends when it comes to jumpers and they haven’t changed much in the last few years. The first is the funky jumper. Clunky in its design and overwhelming, these jumpers are typically vibrant. In addition to the clunky jumper, there is the ever popular cozy knit jumpers that seem to envelope you in soft and comfortable material. When combined with awesome boots and a hat, it is really hard to go wrong with jumpers this year.

3. Knitted Tops

Knitted tops are perhaps the hardest category of knitwear to pin down for the coming years. With so much creativity and design in this broad category, a vast range of looks are making their way into stores all around the world. From sleeveless options to fully body dresses, knitted tops are making more of a comeback as more and more people search for classic, comfortable design. With that in mind, the complexity of each piece is generally seen in the textiles and cut as opposed to the patterning and color choice. Whether or not this will change in the following years is anyone’s guess.

Where This Leaves Us

So, with some advice regarding the future of your favorite knitwear, we are left with one last important question. Where do we pick up these hot designs? Guaranteeing an exciting collection of some of the best brands in the industry, Odd Molly does an excellent job of keeping clothing in stock. Known for the quality of its products as well as the attentiveness of the store owners, buying from their online store is a sure fire way to get something you will love for years to come. Along with knitted tops, cardigans, and jumpers, you can find a range of knitwear products to meet your every need. With Odd Molly, shopping for knitwear doesn’t have to be frustrating.